Credit where credit is due

I am constantly amazed at how people in the creative industries don’t give credit for works they show as their own.

I am acutely aware of the vast amount of work that goes into a production – specifically a website (as that is the business I am in). Fair enough there is ideation and creative direction, but quite often it is not done in isolation and generally the really great executions of creative ideas have vast amounts of input from other people in other areas of the team.

Plenty of productions that I have been a part of have had numerous people add the project to their portfolio without ever mentioning any other team members who contributed – not only to the actual production but even some of the great creative ideas. Even worse – I have seen examples of people glossing over the fact that they designed or developed a tiny part of the project, with no mention if the real work that was put in by someone else.

The act of creation belongs to the entire team and plenty of amazing ideas that have been implemented in fantastic projects that I have been a part of, were born of experimentation during the entire production.

Live ethically – give credit where credit is due.