Yeah, but is it really needed?

So I work for a digital advertising agency, and the advertising industry does a really good job of patting itself on the back by giving out awards… now don’t get me wrong, I love to get awards for websites that I have been involved in, but sometimes we are blinded by those awards and may not always focus on the real prize – customer satisfaction. A website is only as good as the outcomes it provides to the client – if an award winning website provides little-to-no return on investment for a client (which includes brand awareness – which is notoriously difficult to quantify), then what is the point of it?

Making design (and development) decisions just for the sake of making it look better makes little sense to me if those decisions don’t help the client’s business requirements  – I mean of course if we hit our deadlines and budgets, then let’s add the bells and whistles…. just sayin’